Staging Defined

Staging is the act of preparing and showcasing a property for sale. It is a systematic and coordinated methodology in which knowledge of real estate, home renovations and creative design principles are applied to attract a buyer.

No. There is a significant difference between the two. The way you decorate your home for your own enjoyment vs. the way you market and merchandise your home for sale are quite different.

Staging is not about your personal style. If you are asked by a stager to make changes, it is not a commentary about your decorating style. A professional stager firm, like Staged to Sell Design, wants to ensure your home is merchandised to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers.

Staging Benefits

There are quite a few benefits of Staging. Here are just a few:

  • Professionally Staged properties show better than their competitors. Photos of professionally staged listings look better on the MLS, as well as in print.
  • Staged properties sell faster.The faster a home sells, the more likely it is to get closer to the original listing price without price reductions.
  • Staged properties can increase the number of offers and seller price.
  • Buyers perceive staged listings as well-maintained.
  • Buyers' agents recognize that professionally staged listings are "move-in" ready and are more inclined to show staged properties.
  • Professionally staged listings STAND OUT in prospective buyers' minds.

Financial Investment

The price of staging varies depending many factors, including the price and size of the home being staged, how many rooms are being staged, and so on.

For most people, their home is the largest financial investment they have.

At Staged to Sell, to establish a price, we use a sliding scale based on the expected list price of the home. The rationale is the level of furnishings and décor in a 3 bedroom starter home listed at $200,000 would be vastly different than a million-dollar 3 bedroom ocean front condominium.

Remember, regardless of the fee, staging is always less than a price reduction.

Make sure you are comparing “Apples to Apples”

At Staged to Sell:

  • In addition to staging, our fee also includes professional MLS images of your listing –inside and out.
  • All Stagers in your home are RESA (Real Stage Staging Association) Pro Certified and Fully Insured
  • We use real mattresses, not blow up beds.
  • We use licensed and ensured movers to move real, full size furniture. The kind of furniture you’d have when living a home. Not lightweight, modular pieces that are assembled on site by a stager.
  • Think about it, if a staging company has one worker that can stage an entire home alone yes, it will be cheaper. But, what will it look like?

Below is a summary of the 2020 Real Estate Staging Association’s national survey of over 13,000 agents/stagers:

  • Price: 85% of Staged Homes Sold for between 5-23% over list price
  • Return on Investment: with an average investment of 1%, approximately 75%of sellers saw a ROI is 5-15% over asking price.

In the Northeast Florida market, Staged to Sell historically sells homes 81% faster than the local average.

According to the National Association of Realtors 2021 Profile of Home Staging, 82% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.


Why Hire A Professional

Real Estate Stagers provide a professional service that will help you save time, avoid costly mistakes, reduce your time on the market, and improve your bottom line.

In addition to the above, a professional will have the proper insurance, movers, moving trucks, inventory and infrastructure to adequately handle jobs of any size quickly and professionally.

The Difference Is Legitimate


Actively studies and understands current home market trends.
Generally, have to guess at what the home buyer market trends are doing.
Uses their knowledge of the trends to design staging that makes your home the most attractive.
Will likely have to guess at what might look good and risks having the home not look as attractive as it could.
Are objective in their analysis of a home and what it needs to attract top dollar.
Because of their close association with the home, being objective isn't as easy and effective, so key opportunities may be missed.
Can "see what the buyer sees" which enables them to deliver exceptional results.
Have a homeowner's perspective rather than a buyer's perspective, making it difficult to deliver what a buyer is looking for.
Understands how buyers make their decisions so they are able to create the best scenario for a buyer to see the home's potential.
Without training and experience in the art and science of staging and how certain things affect a home buyer's mind, the DIY approach is not as effective.
Works with professional photographers and the real estate agent to ensure photographs will provide perceived value, additional showings and, commonly, more potential buyers.
Photographs of properties that have been professionally staged look better.
May provide more online exposure of your home sale so more prospective buyers could see your home.
Limits you to whatever your listing agent does for you, nothing more. At Staged to Sell, we have 300 times the social media followers than the NEFAR typical listing agent.
Professional stagers develop relationships with industry partners like painters, carpet installers, carpet cleaners, roof repair, etc. and as a result of these relationships they can pass on the savings to you. Additionally, you'll gain peace of mind knowing you are more likely to get quality service from people they work with on a regular basis.
Many homeowners who hire for painting projects, roofing work, carpet cleaning, flooring installs, and other work required to get their home in ready-to-sell condition won't have the peace of mind developed by working over time with industry service providers, or the luxury of special discounts.



What kind of qualifications do you have?

At Staged to Sell, we’ve been staging homes since 2007. Our owner, Adrienne Lord, is an industry leader.

Adrienne is the RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) 2021-22 Florida State President and the past president of Jacksonville RESA Chapter, a RESA Pro Member, and a RESA Approved Instructor.

In 2019, Adrienne was awarded the RESA National Instructor of the Year award. In 2022, she was awarded the State President of the year award. Ms. Lord has been voted a top 75 Influential Person by her peers at RESA on 3 separate occasions.

In addition to Staging, Adrienne is an often-requested public speaker and coach with workshops on relevant topics like: Navigating the Maze of Social Media for Businesses, Agent/Stager Personal Branding, So You Want to be a Vacant Stager?, Speaking the Language of Realtors®, and the ever popular: “The Business of Staging –It’s NOT PRETTY!”

At the national RESA conference in 2022, Adrienne launched a new topic: Technology as a Differentiator: Crush your Competition While Saving Time & Money!

When she’s not busy Staging, she can often be found teaching agents the RESA “Staging to Sell” Continuing Education course throughout Florida.

There are dozens of stagers in the Jacksonville area. But, it would be hard to find one more qualified than the team at Staged to Sell.


The amount of “homework” needed varies by the age and condition of the property and many other factors. At Staged to Sell Design, we’ll always suggest items that have the greatest ROI for you, the seller, and the highest perceived value by the buyer.

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